About DVine Artz

DAP Staff

Darin Jacobs, CEO

M. A. Bervine, Producer

Devon Letrece, Creative Director

Thomasina Washington, Administrative Asst

Vita Lanae, Marketing and Sales


How it all began…

DVine Artz Productions (DAP) is an Atlanta-based company that has successfully provided stellar award-winning events  for over 25 years.
The idea was formed in 1987 to produce events that empower, educate and entertain audiences, inspiring healthy lifestyles–mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

DAP provides artistic artistic productions, retreats, conferences and workshops that assist individuals to incorporate highly beneficial entertainment into their busy lifestyles. We provide wholesome environments conducive to embracing healthy minds, bodies and hearts. This is accomplished by stimulating creativity and using their own natural instincts to provide participants access to creating a new, healthy life blueprint.

Moving forward…

In 2012, DAP partnered with an exciting new health and wellness movement that offers various event models to empower world communities entitled P.L.A.Y., led by Healthy Lifestyle Specialist, Ombassa Sophera. The events are infused with healthy lifestyle workshops, health and arts demonstrations, arts empowerment sessions and performances, inciting the desire in participants to create new and healthy life blueprints that transform stress into power. P.L.A.Y. offers a new, healthy direction for reducing life threatening and debilitating stress, for our primary target in this endeavor––women-led families.
With the expertise of our diverse network of health and arts professionals, healthy lifestyle facilitators, performers and community partners, these 1-3 day events offer tools for ultimate wealth, health, joy and success.
DAP also offers world community organizations the perfect causeway to link with other like-minded organizations creating a stronger and more compelling platform for a collective movement for stress reduction. The Community Partnership includes the unique opportunity to both brand and share products or services to ever-expanding audiences from all walks of life.
DAP has served communities around the world, providing workshops, conferences and retreats for individuals, families, local groups, corporations, schools, government and private organizations.

Some of DAP’s award-winning events:

Pamoja Festival – 1987 Ocala, Florida

Awakening Musical Theatre Production – 1996-1997 Atlanta, GA

Anchoring the Light Musical Production – 1998 Atlanta, GA

Exodus into the New – 1999 St. Simons Island, GA

“Its All about Me” Theatrical Production – Washington, DC – 2007

Paving the Way…This is My Dance – 2004 Hastings, England

Joy of Africa – 2005 Eastbourne, England

Joy of Africa – 2006 Bexhill, England

LC Radio Launch – 2006 St Leonards on Sea, England

Soul Power LIVE World Tour 2012-15


Some Comments and observations about some of DAP events;

Alex Ntung from Rwanda, Director of
Kivu Peace Initiatives says: “It was a
real, real event, real people and real
Africa. I can see this vision to become
bigger with thousands of people. Well

“I really like it cause it was fun. I
made new friends that were nice and
kind” says King Offa primary school
participant Hayley Johnson
Inga Killick, a retired teacher, world
traveller and community worker from
Germany, says: “This event is bringing
the good bits about the continent of
Africa to counteract the constant
negative news we are being fed with,
so that we can have a balance
viewpoint and this is so important to all
the world at this time. The joy of being
in a multi-cultural environment was also
so good and wholesome and the food
gave us another taste of Africa, which
was delicious!